Monday, July 6, 2015


I am a power of Strength,who can run an endless Length
I am empowering this moments,endorsing myself with certain sort of mystique, 
I deliver an independent will, don't underestimate my physique
I am a care giver, who won't give up the fight,
I remain firm and believe women have equal rights
I am tough,outstanding and beautiful,
 My work can never go unnoticeable
My self confidence comes from who I am deep down,
Who can never hide herself behind a face of a clown
I am not less, I am more,I am a women whose heart is so pure
At the end of everyday, I have one other thing to say,
 I believe in myself, that's why I do things my way!



  1. :) Lovely thoughts. Keep the belief and go forward. Good luck to you. I loved the line "My self confidence comes from who I am deep down." It felt very true and I could relate to it!

  2. beautiful poem... optimistic and self dependency is beautifully described here... :-)

  3. Amazing poem, filled with positivism and how women should be.

  4. Congratulations!
    The beauty and uniqueness of a woman described so wonderfully here!!